Alice Madness Returns

Day 2 of 31 Days of Halloween goes to the iconic Alice from the video game Alice Madness Returns. It takes the classic heroine from Alice in Wonderland and turns it over it’s head into this haunting dark aesthetic.


First I started off by altering a blue skater dress I bought online. I cut the hem shorter and added a lace trim I bought at Hobby Lobby. For the apron I cut some white fabric, sewed on 2 pockets and ribbon, then drew the symbols using a fabric marker. I also used red acrylic paint to create blood splatters. To finish this look I borrowed a short petticoat from another cosplay to make the skirt look fuller.

As for my accessories I made a tentacle prop out of foam clay, sealed it in plastic dip, then spray painted it and detailed it with acrylic paint. I made my necklace out of polymer clay and elastic. I also took a stuff bunny from the dollar store (actually it was my dog’s lol) and just roughed it up with eyeshadow.

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