I’m so excited for tomorrow to watch the premiere of the new Joker movie featuring Joaquin Phoenix. I’m so intrigued to see what they do with this iconic Batman villain in his stand alone movie. I really hope we get to delve into the psyche of Joker, his trauma, and how he became a vicious psychopath.

Today’s look is more about the makeup than the costume itself. I combined clothes I had in my closet. I will listen similar items for those who want to recreate this look.

For my base, I used clown white which goes on super opaque. I used an eye pencil to sketch out the design on my lips and eyes, then filled it in with body paint. I used white loose powder to set and did some touch ups over the blue and red with matte eyeshadow.



  • Primer @maccosmetics 
  • Clown white, loose powder, final set @bennye
  • @graftobian pro paint 


  • Blue steel @jordana 
  • Androgyny @jeffreestarcosmetics 


  • Frenchie @colourpopcosmetics