How to make a Silicone Mold from a 3D Printed Gem

Today learn 2 ways to make a reusable silicone mold from 3D prints. I will go over how I make simple molds using both plasticware and foam core sheets.

I’m currently working on Qiyana Prestige Skin’s headpiece. This is Part One of a Three part series in which I go over how to make Qiyana’s headpiece and her gems.

What you will learn in this video

  • How to customize a print file in Tinker Cad
  • How to create a silicone mold using a plastic bowl
  • How to create a silicone mold using foam core board

Watch part 2 if you want to see how I pour resin into a silicone mold.

Download Qiyana’s Gem 3D Print File (coming soon)

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Silicone Molds (plastic food container)

  1. Wear mask & gloves
  2. Place plastic mat with gem in the middle the mat to see where to place the mold walls
  3. Get a plastic tubber wear bowl and cut off the bottom
  4. Hot glue it down and seal sides
  5. Sand 3d piece for any imperfections
  6. Hot glue 3d piece to the mat
  7. Add masking tape on the sides for extra protection
  8. Explain part A and B
  9. Measure equals parts A n B
  10. Mark the cups so you know which is which
  11. Mix each solution separately before mixing it together very well
  12. Dragon skin is great because it settles on its own with minimal bubbles
  13. Pour mixture from above to avoid air bubbles or gaps
  14. Smack it so that it settles in all the corners
  15. Pop any bubbles
  16. Let set for an 16 hours

Silicone Mold (foam core)

  1. Wear mask & gloves
  2. Measure and cut out  the mold base on foam core (1 inch border around)
  3. Trace 3d print for placement
  4. Measure and cut the sides of the molds 2”
  5. Glue 3d piece on center of mat
  6. Hot glue side panels
  7. Reinforce sides with extra hot glue
  8. Pour equals parts part A and part B
  9. Label the cups with a sharpie
  10. Mix very well in one cup
  11. Pour into mold
  12. Pound the mold to release any bubbles
  13. Wait an 16 hours to cure
  14. Rip open mold and discard foam core

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