Darkstalkers Morrigan

Welcome to my 31 days of Halloween 🎃 I wanted to challenge myself during my favorite time of year 🤗 For Day one, I started with a very festive kickoff to my project with a Halloween Themed Morrigan from Darkstakers 🖤 I decided to do a jack o’lantern theme.


I was so lucky to find these costume dragon wings at my local Dollar Tree. They looked very similar to Morrigan’s head piece. All I did was cut out the center part, hot glued 2 pairs together, then paint with acrylic paint, and lastly attached it to a headband.

Next I needed to create her iconic teal hair. For this 31 day challenge I mostly tried to use what I already had. There was a blond wig I ordered months ago that wasn’t the right color so I gave it a color makeover. I used Rit Dye synthetic and hot water. Their site has a great color mixing chart which I used in getting the correct color.

Now for the actual costume 🎃 I wanted to make something fast and cute. I ordered a plain orange leotard that I ironed on custom pumpkin appliqué I made using scrap fabric. I paired it off with orange gloves, purple tights, and bat wings. I added purple black feather trim for my final touch. I really love how this came out and can’t wait to wear her for Halloween 👻

P.S. I 3D printed my spider pendant and got spider rings from the Dollar Tree 🕷

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