Nightmare Before Christmas Dr Finkelstein

You’ve poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl!

In 1993 today Nightmare Before Christmas debuted in theaters.

For day 29 of 31 Days of Halloween is Dr. Finkelstein from Nightmare Before Christmas. This was the most crazy of all my Halloween looks this month. I absolutely love this movie snd I had yet to see anyone cosplay this mad scientist.

For the Brain I used foam clay. I got a brain mold from the dollar store. I pressed down the clay into the mold. I made the layers thick enough yet hallow. I waited 24 hours before I took it out. Then I waited another 24 hours for the top of the brain to fully dry. I then spray painted my brain pink.
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This was an interesting makeup. I applied a white base but I made sure to use a dark red color around my mouth. To achieve Dr Finkelstein’s mouth I used a dinosaur half face that I painted white with pink gums. For my forehead I cut a sheet of white craft foam and hot glued black felt shaped brows. I wrapped it around my head and taped it in place. I bobbi pinned my brain to my wig cap. With dark grey cream makeup I applied his wrinkles and shading.


@bennyemakeup clown white & white loose powder 

@graftobianmakeup pro paint black

@wetnwildbeauty palette smokey 

@karabeauty smokey grey palette 

@dollartree dinosaur face mask  

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