Hellraiser Pinhead

For Day 30 of 31 Days of Halloween is Pinhead from the horror classic Hellraiser. I wanted to do an edgy temptress to your doom type cosplay. I wanted to capture some classic elements of Pinhead from his flesh stained slabs that I made out of Eva foam painted with acrylic paint. I wore a clear plastic bra to give this kinda of bondage cyber vibe.

For the makeup, I used q-tips for the spikes. I melted one end with a candle, then flatten it so the prosaide adhesive had something to grip to. I added a little bit of hot glue base and painted it silver.


@graftobianmakeup HD foundation 

@bennyemakeup white loose powder 

@jestpaint global bodypaint red brown

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@karabeautyofficial smokey grey palette

@colourpopcosmetics aeronaut 

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