Coraline Other Mother

For Day 27 of 31 Days of Halloween is the Beldam from Coraline. This story warns about the yearning for greener pastures, and how you should appreciate your life despite its imperfections. Perfect doesn’t exists and the existence of the other world in Coraline with perfect home and family proves this fallacy.


The most important part of this makeup are the buttons, I attached them with flat jewelry wire so I can create kinda like button glasses avoiding using adhesive. I used both super glue and electric tape to secure the buttons to the wire.

@mehronmakeup cream stick and paradise paint 

@bennyemakeup loose powder 

@gerardcosmetic liquid eyeliner 

@katvondbeauty homegirl 

@bhcosmetics brow palette 

@karabeauty smokey grey palette 

@nyxcosmetics eye pencil 

For that creepy iconic scene where Other Mother asks Coraline to sew on button eyes so she can stay in their “perfect” world, I got a box at the dollar store and filled it with the same buttons I’m wearing, thread, and needle. I hot glued them in place.