31 Days of Halloween Recap

I just got back from Spooky Empire this past Halloween weekend and I’m out exhausted. This was such a big challenge! Despite what many thought, I did not create from scratch 31 Costumes. Instead I used my resourcefulness and borrowed/recycled pieces from my closet and other costumes to create all these looks.

I did make several accessories using scraps from my fabric box and foam clay.

Makeup was a big part of this challenge. I feel before this challenge I didn’t really focus on my makeup skills. I want going forward to show my love and creativity for makeup and how it can enhance your cosplay.

Spooky Empire in Tampa is always my go to Horror con every October. I love Halloween and horror so it’s my getaway from the usual comic con. Spooky Empire always had amazing guests and this year I got to show the goddess of ghouls, Elivra, my Elivra cosplay. She told me to work on the purple version next lol.

Did I mention I met the amazing iconic Clive Barker of Hellraiser. I was so honored to meet him! By the way did you know the original Pinhead was female in the novel. Also the name Pinhead actually was nickname coined by the fans of the movie.

Also another highlight of Spooky Empire was that it was my 1st year weeding anniversary. My husband is such an amazing support, and I’m so happy we get to share our love for cosplay together. I always wanted a Halloween Wedding, though my was a classic wedding, at least I can spend my anniversary in style.

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